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Apiary: Why bees?... They are actually a lot like us!


People often wonder how our company name was conceived and whether it has a greater meaning. Well, quite simply, our company works and acts like an Apiary: a collection of beehives. Like bees, we have a definite purpose in our client’s lives, we use our community to help and support clients, and our communication is key to not only our success, but the success of our clients. It is with these three principals of purpose, community, and communication that Apiary and our hive of experts are best able to support clients in the same way that bees support each other.  

First, each bee has its own purpose and unique skillset within the greater hive. At Apiary Life, each of our Experts have their own specialties and roles and work as a team to solve complex and time-consuming challenges for employees. This is the purpose upon which we were founded and the purpose we take with us through each new engagement and life event.

Second, bees thrive in a community as extremely social creatures who will look to find resources for their hive such as food and protection. They remember where these valuable resources are and can access them repetitively as needed to assist their community of bees. So too at Apiary Life, our experts find resources, tools, and professionals to support diverse and complex employee needs and maintain large databases of knowledge honed from their experience as legal professionals and as Apiary Experts to better support the community of people we assist. From professional referrals to administrative know-how, Apiary Experts are always ready, able, and willing to assist and protect our clients.

Third, bees depend upon their wonderful communication skills. They are excellent communicators and can coordinate massive changes to structures and locations. Our experts too know that communication is a key pillar of the value we bring to employees and their families meeting them when and where they are in their life journey.

This is the purpose and desire of Apiary Life Experts and our hive of professionals. We are here to assist each of our clients in whatever way they need as the worker bees so that they can focus on their work and family.

Finally, we are very proud to be a women owned and led business- another thing we have in common with the bees 🐝.


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