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Our support programs increase productivity and performance, minimize lost working time, increase employee retention and goodwill, mitigate corporate risk, and improve executive mental health and well-being.

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Executive Support Services

We provide bespoke, consultant-led support for your executive community dealing with a personal life crisis, whether that be bereavement, a relationship dissolution, or a serious illness. Akin to the administrative support services of a family office—but with specialist expertise dealing with sensitive matrimonial, family, and private client matters—we guide our clients through the most difficult of life transitions and carry the burden of responsibility for carrying out all of the non-legal (but often highly complex) administrative tasks associated with that particular challenge.

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Support for Business Owners & Leaders

We work directly with business leaders who wish to engage us to support them through a particular life challenge. We provide bespoke, tailored, expert-led support services to ensure that they can move through the more difficult times as seamlessly as possible, without negatively impacting their professional life, or the business that they manage or own. We work to our client’s convenience, are flexible with our time, and operate a fully remote practice.

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Business HR Services

We provide coaching and training days for our clients’ HR communities to help educate and guide them with how to best support senior employees dealing with challenges of a particularly sensitive nature. We also provide guidance on how to share difficult news with wider colleagues, how to navigate issues of confidentiality and privacy and how to identify issues that are particularly important when considering public relations, corporate risk, and compliance issues.

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Expertise you can trust.

Apiary is the leading provider of employer-sponsored executive life crises management programs, led by consultants with esteemed legal professional backgrounds. Our mission is to help companies minimize the cost consequences of personal crisis in the workplace. We do this by ensuring that top talent is properly guided and supported when they need it most.

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Here is what some of our clients have to say:

Katie has been a valuable support to me in providing me access to resources and professionals as needed whilst I navigate the minefield of a divorce process. She has been transparent and honest whilst managing my expectations throughout and adapting to my unique circumstances to support me and my family throughout...


Katie has been an incredible source of knowledge and support helping me navigate as smoothly as possible the challenges of the divorce process...


I am very thankful to have engaged Apiary early in my divorce proceedings. As a CEO of a very demanding business, I can say that going through this divorce was made a lot simpler by using Apiary...


We recognize that every situation is unique.

With that in mind, Apiary’s services are personalized for each client’s specific needs.

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