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Support programs that drive real outcomes

Our support programs increase productivity and performance, minimize lost working time, increase employee retention and goodwill, mitigate corporate risk, and improve mental health and wellbeing.

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Employee Support : Empathy as a Service ℠

We provide personalized, expert-led support for your employees dealing with personal life events and transitions, whether that be a birth, a bereavement, a divorce or relationship dissolution, a serious illness, family care or a global pandemic.  We guide our clients through the most difficult or stressful life transitions and carry the burden of responsibility for completing all of the non-legal, but often highly complex and time consuming, administrative and logistical tasks.

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Support for Business Owners & Leaders

We work directly with business leaders who wish to engage us to support them through a particular life challenge. We provide personalized, expert-led support services to ensure that they can move through the more difficult times as seamlessly as possible, without negatively impacting their professional life, or the business that they manage or own. We work to our client’s convenience, are flexible with our time, and operate a fully remote practice.

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Corporate HR Services

We provide outsourced benefit navigation and advocacy services and coaching and training days for our clients’ HR communities to help educate and guide them with how to best support employees dealing with challenges of a particularly sensitive nature. We also provide guidance on how to share difficult news with wider colleagues, how to navigate issues of confidentiality and privacy and how to identify issues that are particularly important when considering public relations, corporate risk, and compliance issues.

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Apiary for employers : the BENEFITS OF SUPPORTING TALENT

Apiary’s services provide clear cost savings, and business leaders are increasingly recognizing the other major benefits to supporting top talent.


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Increased performance and 50-70% improvement in lost working time
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reduction of corporate risk from distracted key employees
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Personal costs saving per executive of approx. $35,000 minimum
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Reduction in attrition and greater chance of long-term retention
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Reduced risk of litigation and loss of wider team members

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Increased financial wellbeing
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Heightened morale and increased productivity
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Reduction in associated mental health issues
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Reduced absenteeism and stress-related illness
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significantly enhanced goodwill and company loyalty
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Expertise you can trust

Apiary is the first and only solution for employees and families experiencing stressful life events and transitions (births, deaths, illnesses, end of life planning, caregiving, family issues/divorce). Our platform gives employees access to hundreds of educational resources, guidebooks and checklists and will match them with a care coordination expert to complete the time-consuming tactical, logistical, and administrative tasks, saving them hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and improving their emotional wellbeing.  

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What some of our clients have to say

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I would have no hesitation in recommending Apiary, to help make a complex and emotional process easier.


I would thoroughly recommend their services to anyone who is unfortunate enough to be going through separation and/or divorce.


Of course, my divorce added a lot of stress to the business, but thankfully being able to shoulder a lot of the responsibility eased the burden on the business which was able to proceed with regular day-to-day operations. I am very thankful to have had Katie and her team involved.


Apiary played a huge role in de-risking a very difficult situation for our business, avoiding millions of dollars of impact. I would be eager to recommend Apiary to any other business facing/or potentially facing a similar scenario.


Working with Apiary took the stress and hassle out of the equation and I was incredibly grateful that my employer offered such a helpful support service, during this challenging time.


Providing Apiary Consulting services is the best thing (my employer) has ever done for me.


We recognize that every situation is unique.

With that in mind, Apiary’s services are personalized for each employee’s specific needs.

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