How Apiary
helps HR

Risk & Compliance

We support companies and their HR communities to help them effectively support their most valued talent through personal life crises. We help them understand, appreciate, and manage the corporate risk and compliance issues associated with these life events and enhanced mental health issues, including strategies regarding public relations and press.


During in-person or virtual training sessions, we provide educational guidance and teach your HR professionals how to effectively communicate with executives dealing with sensitive life crises, and how to best articulate and ensure engagement with our programs. We also provide training on internal communication, navigating issues of confidentiality and privacy, as well as how to identify issues that are particularly important when considering corporate risk (substance abuse, sleep deprivation, stress and mental health issues, workplace affairs, etc).


We tailor onboarding, implementation, and communication strategies and provide in-person (or virtual) information sessions. We also take the time to learn and understand your current benefits package and integrate with established service providers.

Employee education days

We can customize training or information days for your wider workforce, which can incorporate coaching sessions or speaking panels including some of our network of experts.

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We recognize that every situation is unique.

With that in mind, Apiary’s services are personalized for each employee’s specific needs.

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