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From the moment I had my initial call with Apiary, I relaxed. They stepped in during a chaotic and stressful time for our family (covid-19 and I was dealing with immune deficiency following major surgery), and quickly translated my family's needs and concerns into a concise action plan. Within 24 hours I was sent a project summary, timelines and checklists. Apiary truly carried the mental load for us throughout this period, freeing me up to focus on work and my family. They handled all logistics and negotiations, engaging us only when we needed to make a decision. When they did reach out, all relevant details were in hand, preempting any questions and presenting a clear summary of options. Our consultant managed a seamless blend of professional and personal, making it feel as if we were working with a friend, rather than business manager—the combination of instincts, warmth and efficiency is rare (and so valuable!). Working with Apiary took the stress and hassle out of the equation and I was incredibly grateful that my employer offered such a helpful support service, during this challenging time.

Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager

The majority Shareholder of our business is currently going through divorce proceedings. We engaged Apiary at an early stage to ensure the whole process was handled in the best way possible to minimize the impact to our business. We have been extremely satisfied with Apiary's approach and advice to date, which has ensured the process is being navigated in the best way for both the business and for the personal life of the divorcee. All told Apiary played a huge role in de-risking a very difficult situation for our business, avoiding millions of dollars of impact. I would be eager to recommend Apiary to any other business facing/or potentially facing a similar scenario.


Apiary has been a valuable support to me in providing me access to resources and professionals as needed whilst I navigate the minefield of a divorce process. They have been transparent and honest whilst managing my expectations throughout and adapting to my unique circumstances to support me and my family throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending Apiary, to help make a complex and emotional process easier.

HR Director

I am very thankful to have engaged Apiary early in my divorce proceedings. As a CEO of a very demanding business, I can say that going through this divorce was made a lot simpler by using Apiary. Of course, my divorce added a lot of stress to the business, but thankfully being able to shoulder a lot of the responsibility eased the burden on the business which was able to proceed with regular day-to-day operations. I am very thankful to have had Katie and her team involved.


Apiary have been an invaluable partner to me while going through my recent divorce. During a time of emotional stress, when you don’t realize all the work that goes into the dissolution of a marriage, it was so beneficial to have someone who could help to identify all of the required steps and processes. My consultant kept me on task and helped to compile so much of the necessary data to go through the mediation process and bring it to a swift and fair resolution. I honestly do not know how I could have gone through this without them. Providing Apiary Consulting services is the best thing (my employer) has ever done for me.

Mergers & Acquisitions Leader

Apiary has been an incredible source of knowledge and support helping me navigate as smoothly as possible the challenges of the divorce process. Their consultants’ expertise have greatly helped me and I would thoroughly recommend their services to anyone who is unfortunate enough to be going through separation and/or divorce.

CEO, Business Division

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