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How Apiary Life is unique: CEO and Founder Katie Lynch speaks to HR Transform


Katie Lynch, Founder and CEO of Apiary Life recently met with Samara Jaffe, GM and Co-Founder of Transform at The Desk to discuss how Apiary Life are changing how companies support their valued employees throughout their entire life journey.  

Prior to launching Apiary Life, Katie practised as a family lawyer in London at one of the United Kingdom’s leading family law firms, and saw first-hand the debilitating effect life events, changes and transitions could have on our lives.  Katie is now on a mission to revolutionize the support systems in place in our personal lives, so that we can continue to thrive in our professional ones.  

At Apiary Life we step into the shoes of the individual to help carry out complex administrative and logistical tasks, both supporting the individual and helping to reduce talent loss and corporate risk to businesses.

You can watch the full 8 minute interview here:


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