Better support for employees, means better business

When life happens, and work suffers — ApiaryLife can empower your workforce. We take real burdens off employee's shoulders, customized to their needs and perfectly fitted to your organization.

100% client retention
6.5X ROI
100% employee satisfaction
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Your workforce is dealing with a lot

84% of employees report being stressed
75% have caregiving responsibilities
(for children and aging relatives)
64% are losing working time over major life events
40%+ report that their productivity suffers

Bespoke mental health solutions are being widely adopted in companies, 
but what about practical support that really solves employee's needs? 
More robust family care benefits are needed to support work-life balance and retain talent.

What makes us different

Our diverse and inclusive solution meets the needs of your entire global workforce, not just a segment of the organization.

Divorce & Separation
End of Life & Bereavement
Parenthood & Children
Estate & Future Planning
Life Milestones & Transitions
Health Challenges & Caregiving
Family Planning
Gender Confirmation

We don’t just talk. We get things done.

We save employees time, money and alleviate stress.

We simplify complex and lengthy legal and admin processes.

We do the paperwork and logistics so they don't have to.

We unburden employees 
by taking on their life stressors.

We help your team navigate 
the most difficult of life's events.

We care for and support your employees when it matters.

How we work with you

Easy Implementation
We can do it all for you, from making a communication plan to engaging your employees with webinars to leadership sessions. Our team can get you up and running in 4 – 6 weeks.
Seamless Enrollment
Users can sign up in one easy step (without complex integrations), helping you to ease stress and provide more wellbeing for your workforce.
Match Employees
We connect your people to real experts. Our personalized ApiaryLife platform automatically matches employees with the ideal expert for the life event they are going through.
Get Solid Reporting
We will provide anonymized and easy-to-read utilization reporting, so you always know how ApiaryLife is being used, and how much people like us.

Our tech makes help accessible anywhere at any time

Employees can access hundreds of curated resources, interactive tools and checklists through the ApiaryLife App.

Employees can get matched with the right experts
for dedicated 1:1 support

Expert in
& Separation
Expert in
& Caregiving
Expert in
Estate Planning
& Bereavement
Expert in
Conflict Resolution
& Complex Relocations
Our experts can
Advise employees
Analyze an employee's unique situation 
and create a plan for moving forward.
Guide them through challenging situations.
Be their partner for strategic decision making and give them expert knowledge.
Our experts can
Get things done
Organize and handle an employee’s
to-do list.
Get their paperwork done for them.
Manage complex situations for them, 
like handling logistics or finding resources.

The outcomes speak for themselves

Our experts can Ensure
  • Better performance and 70% less lost working time
  • Reduced corporate risk from distracted key employees
  • Cost savings for employees, in reduced professional costs
  • Reduction in attrition and improved long-term retention
  • Reduction of Leaves of Absences taken
Broader benefits
  • Improved financial & emotional wellbeing
  • A more diverse and inclusive benefits package
  • Reduction in severe mental and physical health issues
  • Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Significantly enhanced goodwill and company loyalty

Our customers love us

“Having ApiaryLife as a benefit showed me that my company understands that personal events can impact company work, and willing to help out during moments of crisis / difficulty. In some ways, with Apiary on my side, it has made the company like extended family helping me in times of need.”


“It is amazing knowing that your company has your back, it just makes you want to work harder and do a better job knowing they are there to support you when life gets rough”


“To have an employer who has provided ApiaryLife for me makes me think that they really want to support and look after me. ApiaryLife helped me to put my affairs in order and are continuing to do so.They have provided an invaluable service.”