We’re supporting you through life’s ups and downs

ApiaryLife is a holistic employee benefit that gets you know-how and hands-on assistance from experts - during the life moments that matter most.

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We help you on the journey of life

Get help with any life event that's causing you stress

With apiarylife you can

Know how to handle any major life event

View curated expert content and guidebooks 
to better navigate life’s milestones.

Get through your to-do lists smarter

Know what to do, and get through tasks faster, with our interactive tools and checklists.

Work with an expert

When things get too complicated, get matched with an expert — for 1:1 support anywhere, 
via calls and through our digital platform.

Our experts can
Advise you & get things done

What people say about ApiaryLife

“ApiaryLife have been a life saver to me in what has been a very difficult time. My Apiary Expert has shown real compassion and care but remained very professional throughout. Nothing is too much trouble. I don’t know how I would have managed without them.”


“My Apiary Expert was incredibly helpful, level-headed and cut straight to the heart of the issue. They didn't just talk the talk, they walked the walk with quiet confidence. ApiaryLife did everything they said they would and then some. We spent quality time discussing the issues they were best able to help me with and they then followed through, keeping me constantly updated on progress.”


“My Apiary Expert was just able to handle everything we needed/asked for and was incredibly proactive as well. A great communicator, incredibly organised and just lovely to have on your team working with you.”

- Solomon, FRANCE
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