Our mission

We all have one thing in common; our most precious asset is time.
At ApiaryLife, we strive to give you back that time.

Our Mission

Juggling our personal and professional lives is hard, and this challenge becomes even harder when facing an important life event. Transitions like parenthood, serious illness, divorce, or the death of a loved one are often more than we can handle – and our wellbeing, relationships and work performance suffer.

That’s why we’ve built ApiaryLife; to help people navigate life’s challenges with the expert support that they need – so that they can re-claim their time to thrive personally and professionally, whatever life throws their way.

We believe that

Everyone needs help sometimes
We want to be there 
to provide that help, 
in the moments in life
that matter most.
Better support creates better work
By providing expert support, we can achieve more productivity, cost savings and work satisfaction.
A lighter load leads to more well-being
People need to know that someone has their back. Easing their stress creates better mental health.

Our Story

It all started with a desire to help people.

Katie started her career in family law with a passion — to support people through the toughest moments in their lives. But legal advice was just a small fraction of what her clients really needed. Whether they were facing a divorce, a serious illness, or even a bereavement, what people really needed was help with the other 90% — the hugely time consuming, often overwhelming and complex, admin, paperwork and logistics.

Katie wanted to help people more holistically and help them navigate difficult times. And she saw an opportunity to enable companies to be the source of support for their own greatest assets, their people.

From this vision, ApiaryLife was founded to truly manage life and all its momentous events. By taking the burden off their shoulders , ApiaryLife enables people to feel in control and to focus on their wellbeing, health, happiness and professional success, come what may.

Why "Apiary" Life?

Apiary = a place where bees are kept, especially 
a collection of hives or colonies of bees.

People often wonder what our name means. Well, quite simply, our company works and acts like an Apiary; a collection of beehives.

First, each bee has its own purpose and unique skillset within the greater hive. At ApiaryLife, each of our experts have their own specialties and expertise, and work as a team to solve complex and time-consuming challenges for the people we support.

Second, bees thrive in a community. So too at ApiaryLife, our experts support each other in finding the right resources, tools, and professionals to support people’s needs. Our platform represents a large hive of knowledge, honed from experience.

Third, bees are excellent communicators and can coordinate massive changes seamlessly. Communication is a key pillar of our platform. We truly listen to people and their families, creating solutions that meet their unique needs at each stage of their life journey.

Finally, we are very proud to be a women owned and led business — another thing we have in common with the bees .

Meet our team

Katie Lynch

Founder & CEO

Emily Foy

Director of UK 
& European Operations

Sara Knee

Director of 
North American Experts

Ailin Tobin

Product Lead

David Landman

Global Talent Leader
Goldman Sachs

Sheila Krueger

Global Benefits & Total Rewards Leader

Ellen Meza

Global Benefits & Total Rewards Leader
DocuSign, Crunchyroll

Lord Michael Spencer

Founder ICAP and NEX
Chairman IPGL

Doug Rhoten

Former CEO ICAP (US)
Director IPGL and Apiary Life

The Markets we serve

Our reach is global

The modern workforce is often a global one and we are there with you — because good employee support matters all around the world. We can support employees and your global team in regions like North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

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