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Marriage, Divorce & Family Issues
Caring for Ill or Elderly Family Members
Adoptions, Surrogacy & Family Planning
End of Life & Bereavement
Estate & Future Planning & Administration
Managing Diagnoses
Health & Illness
Gender Affirmations & Life Changes
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Work with an expert

When things get too complicated, get matched with an expert — for 1:1 support anywhere, 
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Our experts can
Advise you
  • Analyze your unique situation and create a plan for moving forward.
  • Guide you through challenging situations.
  • Be your partner for strategic decision making and giving you expert knowledge.
Our experts can
Get things done
  • Organize and handle your to-do list for you.
  • Get your paperwork done for you.
  • Manage complex situations for you, like handling logistics or finding resources.

Employees can get matched with the right experts for dedicated 1:1 support

Expert in
& Separation
Expert in
Caregiving & Eldercare
Expert in
Estate Planning 
& Bereavement
Expert in
Conflict Resolution
& Complex Relocations

We don’t just talk. We get things done.

We save employees time, money and alleviate stress.

We simplify complex and lengthy legal and admin processes.

We do the paperwork and logistics so they don't have to.

We unburden employees by taking on their life stressors.

We help your team navigate 
the most difficult of life's events.

We care for and support your employees when it matters.

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What people say about ApiaryLife

“My Apiary Expert is warm, professional and approachable. I had complete confidence that they’d steer me in the right direction and they did!”


“My husband always really appreciated your kindness and support in what was a really tough time for him. He left everything as sorted as it could be and this helped at the end. There was no mad rushing around in a panic trying to get things done. Your help has been invaluable.”


“My experience with ApiaryLife following the loss of two family members was nothing less than fantastic. They made my to-do list their own list and took care of both the small and large details necessary with the estates.”