Introducing ApiaryLife

January 27, 2022

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Apiary Life

Introducing ApiaryLife's new platform - technology enabled, expert-led, personalized support for all employees as they navigate life.

The world of benefits has been rapidly changing over the past several years, and what used to be considered just another part of an employee value proposition has now become arguably the biggest driver of talent attraction and retention in our new world of work.  Companies who build policies and programs that care for the whole person and their family fare far better than those that take a more traditional approach to benefits and wellbeing.  

At Apiary Life, we specialize in providing expert-led, personalized support and assistance to employees facing major life changes and challenges.  We work with some of the largest and most respected companies in the world, and their needs continue to evolve along with the talent market.   With our mission to fundamentally change the way that people are supported through life and offer inclusive and equitable solutions to all employees and their families, we have now made our services more accessible to everyone within an organization regardless of job title or status.

While Apiary began as a benefit primarily available to company executives across the globe, it has always been our goal to make our services available to as many employees as possible. Recognizing that we all face challenges in our personal lives, companies are looking for better ways to support the whole organization and the whole person.  With that in mind, we have developed our ApiaryLife platform which provides curated content and guidance through our mobile responsive portal, personalized action plans and checklists, and time with a legally trained expert who will make sure employees have the tools and resources they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.  

Now all employees can enjoy the personalized benefits of Apiary at a lower cost to the company. Our solutions are not just beneficial to employees, but to employers too.  At Apiary, we are not only here to support your employees, but assist them in navigating benefits that have already been provided to them by the company.  We act as a guide and advocate to educate them on the benefits they are eligible for, resources that may be beneficial for them, and steps they can take to get mental health support when it’s needed.   This approach drives utilization of existing benefits outside of traditional medical insurance, while creating additional goodwill and loyalty between the employee and employer who is providing these extensive services.

From a practical standpoint, employees have access to our employee portal offering them curated content, including guidebooks and checklists created and developed by Apiary’s team of experts. There, an employee can easily connect with an Apiary Expert directly to request a time to talk. An Apiary Expert will contact the employee and schedule an introductory conversation. Given the personalized nature of our services, no two engagements are alike, however, we do follow a specific regimen to ensure an exceptional and consistent level of service. Whether the person needs help with relationship issues, caregiving issues, relocation, bereavement, or another life change or event, an Apiary Expert will create a personalized action plan with the employee to ensure that nothing is left to chance, and every issue is flagged and addressed. Next, any necessary referrals to and appointments with doctors, lawyers, movers, therapists, etc. will be made within our carefully curated referral network. Finally, any additional needs of the employee will be addressed.  

With the introduction of Apiary’s platform it is our hope that we can help companies express their care, support, and empathy for employees in a tangible and meaningful way. We are here to be the doers who handle the logistics, planning, and time-consuming tasks that come with big life changes, so your employees can remain engaged at work, and most importantly, can take care of their own and their families' overall wellbeing.
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